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How to Keep Sewer or Septic Tank Clog Free

Sewer systems and septic tanks are designed to remove human waste, gray water and used toilet paper out and away from homes and buildings. The problem begins when people mistake sewers for garbage cans and dispose waste that cannot pass through the DWV pipes and down the sanitary sewer without blocking the sewer line. The improper disposal of diapers, paper towels, cooking grease, hygiene products, and fibrous food debris can form stubborn obstructions along the line and cause sewer backups.
Plumbers Los Angeles at tvplumbing cleared many blocked sewers to issue some helpful DO's and DON'Ts on how to maintain sewers and septic tanks free of clogs.
|strong-|Sewer – DO's
|-strong|Rinse cooking grease and fats into an empty tin and toss into the garbage.
Throw solid waste such as hygiene products, diapers and wet towels to the garbage.
Maintain drains on a weekly basis to prevent unnecessary blockages. Pour ¼ cup of baking soda down the drain followed by ½ cup of white vinegar. Wait a few minutes before rinsing mixture with boiling water.
Prevent sewer backflows by installing a backflow preventor device (BPD).
Sewer – DON'Ts
Rinse cooking grease and fats down sink drains.
Flush diapers, wet towels and hygiene products down the toilet.
Plant trees with spreading roots close to sewer laterals. Roots seek water sources and may intrude sewer lines as a result.
Septic – DO's
Regularly clean septic tank from accumulated waste.
Maintain a considerable distance between trees and disposal fields.
Keep away from disposal fields surface water from upslope or roof drains.
Septic – DON'Ts
Permit heavy vehicles to park or drive on disposal fields for the risk that soil will be compacted and piping crushed as a result of direct and heavy pressure.
Use septic additives.

Overload system with water.
Let oils, fats grease, plastics, chemicals, and solvents penetrate system.
Grow on disposal field vegetation (except grass) or cover with concrete or asphalt.

Clean system sporadically or only when failure signs are present.
Keeping sewer systems and septic tanks free of obstructions is simple to do. Carry out the necessary preventive maintenance and save yourself from costly repairs.

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