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Water Heating & Cooling Systems

Discovering that you're out of hot water or, alternatively, being severely scalded by burning water when you simply want to quench your thirst, are both frustrating situations. Your domestic water system includes both hot and cold water. The water runs through supply lines to all of your fixtures and appliances. What makes it work? How is it possible to maintain the separation between cold and hot water?

Cold water enters directly from your water main, already to meet your various needs. The water enters the house by way of the municipal water system, through a high-pressure pipe. From there it is sent to the various appliances and fixtures in your home via water lines. Toilets are known for using a considerable amount of cold water. Since a significant portion of the cold water used in a house is meant for drinking, a water filter or water softener appliance may be added to the water supply system. You can further ensure that your drinking water system is contaminant-free by installing water filters under your sinks.

Your water supply fills your hot water tank where it is heated to the set temperature. Water heaters have a heavy inner steel tank, typically holding 40-60 gallons of water; they may be heated by electricity or gas. The pipe carrying the cold water from the main water supply, directs water into the tank. Within the tank, the electric heating elements evenly heat the water. Most experts agree that, in a home setting, your water temperature should be between 120 to 140 degrees F (40 to 60 C). Your water temperature can easily be controlled by utilizing the thermostat. One or more pipes run out from the heater and deliver hot water to the fixtures and appliances that use it. To remove accumulated sediment, or to empty the tank, a drain valve is conveniently located at the base of the tank. Draining the tank once or twice a year is a sensible preventive maintenance step.

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