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The toilet is the most utilized plumbing fixture in the home. Most houses have multiple toilets. The frequent use of a single toilet and the obvious inconvenience if it fails to operate properly, means that the specific problem at hand will require immediate attention. Offering the most professional plumbing services, "Plumbers Los Angeles" can assist you in solving any toilet plumbing problem. We will also offer you a useful tip or two that may help you in tackling some plumbing repairs on your own.

It is helpful to understand the operation of your toilet and of the parts that make up this device. Upon pushing the toilet handle, a chain is pulled which releases the flush valve. As the valve is opened, nearly 2 gallons of water flow rapidly through a small drain hole, descending into the bowl. Once the tank has emptied, the flush valve will again resume its position at the bottom of the tank.

The rapid flow of the large amount of water activates the siphon in the bowl, which in turn sucks the water and waste matter down the drain. The filler float falls along with the decreasing water level. The refill valve is turned on when the float drops. Water rushes through the refill valve and replenishes the tank and the bowl. The float rises as the tank fills. When the float reaches the correct level, it shuts off the refill valve. The overflow tube, which is located inside the tank, prevents flooding in case the refill valve does not shut off.

When these devices work together correctly, your toilet will give you no trouble.

However, as we all know, sometimes things do go wrong with your toilet. Clogging, leaking, and overflowing are typical problems. Your Los Angeles Plumber can help with any of these problems by providing you with detailed do-it-yourself toilet repair instructions, or by simply coming over to your house.

By following some simple steps, intimidating projects, like replacing old toilets and installing new ones, can be easily accomplished by the do-it-yourselfer. Your first step is to use the shut off valve next to the toilet, and turn off the water supply. Remove the water line from the old tank, and then install the new line to the new tank. Prior to moving them, be sure to empty both the old tank and bowl. Use a wrench to remove the old nuts and bolts, and attach new ones to the new toilet.

You can get more tips and guidance on toilet repair by contacting your Los Angeles Plumber. We are always willing to help!

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