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Piping & Fittings

The two most important components of your plumbing system are pipes and fittings. Pipes leading to fixtures carry fresh water into your house, and those leading from fixtures, remove wastewater from the house. Fittings are used to satisfy the specific requirements of a building's plumbing system - joining pipes, branching pipes, turning corners, and changing the diameter of the pipe. Your Los Angeles Plumber can adeptly solve any pipe or fitting related problem, whether the repair, replacement or installation of a new line is required. There are some tasks that can be described as "do-it-yourself", and our plumber will be more than happy to assist you in these projects.

Water supply lines are typically composed of copper or plastic, and can be 3mm, 2cm or 2.5 cm in diameter. Copper lasts longer and is less prone to mineral accumulation, but plastic is non-corrosive, easier to install, and cheaper. Plastic piping of 4 cm to 10 cm diameter is a more popular choice for sewer lines than cast iron.
Fittings are made from either brass or plastic. The pipe material will determine what type of fittings should be used. To ensure that both features are properly sealed and that their metals do not create a problematic reaction, maintaining the correct combination between pipe and fitting materials is essential.

There are some characteristic pipe problems which can affect your plumbing.
To fix a leaky pipe, you can simply replace the faulty section with a new one. You may want to ask "Plumber Los Angeles" to help you out with the attachment of the pipe to the fitting. Additionally, you can put waterproof tape over the section that is leaking and provide a temporary solution.

Pipe sweating is an additional pipe-related problem you may encounter. You may notice moisture drops forming on the pipe when the water inside the pipe is considerably colder than the humid air outside. Self-adhesive tape can be used to insulate the pipe which should help control the problem. Wipe the pipes off and then securely tape the pipe and fittings so that they are completely covered.

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