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Slab Leaks

Slab leaks are concealed water leaks that occur in underground water lines and sanitary sewer pipes. In addition to inflated water bills, slab leaks waste gallons of water and thousands of dollars in damaged walls and floors. Plumber Los Angeles at tvplumbing provides slab leak detection and fast repair to conserve scarce water and save money.
Incoming water lines carry water to the building under high pressure. Slab leaks in potable water pipes are destructive because water leaks out nonstop.

Causes of Slab Leaks in Water Supply Lines
Shifting Foundation
Poor installation of water pipes will cause piping & fittings to be pulled apart with shifting foundation.
Metal pipes contain stored energy. When different metals come into contact an electric current will flow through to equalize energy stored. When copper water pipes and steel rebar come into contact the resulting electric current may form pinholes leaks in the copper pipes.
High Water Pressure
Small diameter copper lines carrying high water pressure may wear away the protective coats around pipes, and cause corrosion. Corroded pipes are weaker by definition, and may become more susceptible to damage. High water velocity flowing through bends and turns in copper pipes may also form leaks.
Poor Workmanship
Untrained plumbers, inferior plumbing supplies and substandard design and installation of water pipes - all contribute to weak copper water lines unable to withstand shifting foundation, erosion, and high water velocity, and therefore more susceptible to leaks.
Slab leaks can also form in the outgoing DWV line. Unlike the destructive force of concealed leaks in the incoming water lines – in the sanitary sewer line, water will leak out when plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, showers and faucets are switched on, or when toilets are flushed.
Causes of Slab Leaks in Sanitary Sewer Line
Shifting Foundation
Cast iron and PVC pipes are brittle and therefore may split open with shifting foundation.
Rusty Pipes
When pipes are embedded in wet soil, dissolved minerals like sulfate, chloride and organic material will damage cast iron and galvanized pipes.
Commercial Drain Cleaners
Commercial drain cleaners corrode metal pipes. Corrosion will weaken cast iron pipes until cracking open and leaking out water.
Slab leaks require immediate repair. Becoming familiar with the signs and symptoms of underground leaks will enable you to detect fast the problem, and call over Plumber Los Angeles for professional repair. The following warning signs indicate slab leaks:

Warning Signs of Slab Leaks

-High water bill
-Hot spots on floors
-Damp or wet patches on floors
-Hearing running water when all plumbing fixtures are turned off
-Sudden fluctuations in water pressure and temperature
Don't delay a solution - call budget friendly Plumber LA at tvplumbing for fast and effective slab leak repair.

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