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Leaking Faucets

Although faucets are often grouped together with toilets, showers, bathtubs, and bidets as plumbing fixtures - technically they are classified along with shower heads as a subcategory of the above. Because of hard use, faucets tend to wear out and drip beads of water when not in use. Leaking faucets are big water and money wasters. A single dripping faucet can waste seven gallons of water per day or more than 2500 gallons per year. Fast repair of dripping faucets can save you money and conserve on scarce water.
Faucets come in four main configurations: compression, cartridge (sleeve), ceramic disc, and ball type. Knowing which faucet you own will help you apply the right leak detection and repair solution should it start dripping out water.
This type of faucet is equipped with two handles – one for hot water and a second for cold water. Each handle contains a valve that opens and closes to let through or stop water flow. Located on the valve's base is a rubber washer (also known as seat washers) that is compressed by the valve to stop water flow. Leaky compression faucets are usually caused by worn out rubber washers that cannot compress well to prevent water flow.
Washerless Faucets
The following types of faucets operate without having to compress washer valves, and therefore are also known as washerless units. Without washer valves, these faucets last longer than compression designs, but are nevertheless susceptible to leaks.
This type of faucet is designed with one or two handles, and a cartridge that moves up and down to control water flow. Single handled cartridge faucets move up and down to control water flow, and left and right to regulate temperature. Two handled cartridge faucets operate like compression faucets but stop water flow without having to compress a washer valve.
This type of faucet is comprised of a single handle attached to a round base with inside chambers to control flow and mix cold and hot water supply. Because ball type faucets contain many parts, locating leaky sources might prove difficult.
Ceramic Disc
Cylindrical shaped faucet with a single handle. This type of faucet contains ceramic discs that slide over each other to control water flow and temperature.
Ignorance will not solve a leaky faucet, it will only worsen the problem. When encountering dripping faucets your main objective is stop fast water wastage. Close water supply to the sink by shutting the relevant shut off valve. You can apply a do it yourself repair provided you have the relevant plumbing know-how. Otherwise call in your local plumber Los Angeles to provide the appropriate solution.

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