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Gas Shutoff Valves

Knowing where gas shutoff valves are located in your home will help you close the gas supply in times of emergencies. Gas lines run are equipped with main and supply or service gas shutoff valves. Turning off main shutoff valves will stop gas supply to buildings - while closing service shutoff valves will stop gas supply to specific gas powered appliances such as water heaters, ovens, dryers or gas fireplaces.
Apart from gas line installation and repair, Plumber Los Angeles at will gladly advise you on the locations of your main and service gas shutoff valves.
Main Gas Shutoff Valve
In exception to very old homes, the main gas shutoff valve is located just before the gas meter, and can be operated by the Gas Company, plumbers, heating contractors and fire department personnel only. Located after the meter and before the first gas appliance is the house-side main shutoff valve that can be turned off by home owners should they face gas emergencies. In new homes equipped with higher pressure gas systems, shutoff valves are located near water heaters or furnaces.
Supply/Service Gas Shutoff Valve
Located within 6ft of a gas appliance, a service shutoff valve can be closed to stop gas flow to a specific fixture without cutting off the entire home's gas supply.
Pilot Light
Turning off main or service gas shutoff valves may extinguish pilot lights on old gas appliances without automatic ignitions. Relight blown pilot lights with the help of manual instructions or your local LA plumber.
Gas Leak Precautions
Gas leaks can have destructive outcomes without the right precautions. Sparks that are usually produced by using phones, turning on/off light switches and static electricity can be fatal in times of gas leaks - causing tremendous explosions. Statistics reveal that although gas leak explosions are rare, approximately 300 people still die from gas poising annually.
Turning off main shutoff valves in times of gas emergencies is only recommended under the following precautions:
1. You know the exact location of the shutoff valve.
2. You have pinpointed the source of the gas leak.
3. You know for a fact that gas has not been leaking out for a long time.
When in doubt about any of the three precautions - simply evacuate your home and from a neighbor's house contact the gas company or local Plumber LA.

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