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Gas Lines Run

Water is not the only aspect of a plumber's job. Installation of gas lines is one of the most important parts of a plumbing operation. If you are planning to move or if you are remodeling or building a new house, your Los Angeles plumber will assemble your gas line layout.

Your domestic gas is distributed at low pressure to your house and it originates from one of two sources: natural gas in pipes running under the street, or propane gas stored in tanks placed behind buildings or concealed underground.

The gas company delivers natural gas to the curb near your house, but your Los Angeles Plumber is responsible for running the yellow tubes that carry it into your home. The gas lines inside the house are installed by plumbers in the same way as drain pipes. Black iron or steel pipes are used to convey natural gas, but propane gas can also be transported via copper lines.

Typical gas smell is the easiest way to detect hazardous gas leaks in your home.
If you smell a strong persistent gas odor, immediately turn off the gas service shutoff valve. Call the qualified gas company experts to attend to your problem. In the event of any gas leakage, put out all open flames, and do not try to either switch off or on electrical appliances. Any kind of spark could cause a dangerous explosion.

Your local Los Angeles Plumber can tell you more about gas lines running and installation.

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