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There are two plumbing systems in your home; the first system runs fresh water into the house. The second system is the drainage system, which transports wastewater from the house. The latter includes three components - drain, waste, and vent - and is often called the DWV system.

Drain lines collect water from the various fixtures; waste lines enable waste to flow properly and carry toilet wastes, and vent pipes, which protrude from the roof, allow harmful sewer gases to evaporate, thereby also relieving pressure from the drain pipes. Gravity pulls wastewater down drain and waste lines from various fixtures. The main sewer line, which carries waste matter to a sewage facility or to a septic tank, accumulates the waste matter from the house.

Hazardous fumes can escape your house by means other than vents. Another device, called a trap, serves a similar purpose. A trap is the curved section of the drainpipe, which is located next to every fixture. Water seals in sewer gases to prevent odors from swamping your home.

The majority of drainpipes are composed of cast iron or plastic; they can also be constructed of copper. Drainpipes range in diameter from 4 to 10 cm, which is larger than water pipes, thus reducing the chance of blockages and clogs. Drainpipes in toilets are most often 10 cm, drains in showers contain 5 cm pipes, and sinks and bathtubs usually have 4-5 cm pipes.

Still, drain blockages do occur. Since many clogs are caused by grease or hair accumulating in the trap, you can often remove them by accessing the trap through the clean-out valve. "Plumber Los Angeles" will clean out waste lines through the clean-out valves. Certainly, if the blockage continues, request our plumber to make use of his drain cleaning tools, and get to the bottom of the problem. The standard tools for clearing up clogs include plungers, various kinds of augers such as the plumber's snake and toilet auger, and also sewer tapes. "Plumbers Los Angeles" can clean your drains on a regular basis to prevent future clogs from occurring.

For more tips and advice about drains, contact your Los Angeles plumbers. We are ready and willing to help you out.

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