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Regardless of whether you own or rent a house or an apartment, you should familiarize yourself with your residential plumbing system. In an emergency, familiarity with the general functions of your system can help you know which steps to take until your Los Angeles plumber arrives. Having basic knowledge of your home plumbing system is very useful in allowing you to properly explain your plumbing problem whenever you have to contact your Los Angeles Plumber.

Learning about your residential plumbing system

To comprehend how your residential plumbing system functions, you must first understand the parts it is comprised of. Your home actually has two separate plumbing systems: Fresh water is conveyed to the house via water supply lines. The water is able to reach all parts of the building due to pressurization. In contrast, wastewater is removed from your house through the drainage system.

This system is called the DWV system because it is made up of three parts: drain, waste, and vents. Vents protruding from the roof let air into drainpipes and ensure wastewater flows without trouble, while pipes sloping downwards remove wastewater away from your home.

An additional feature known as trap, the curved section of the drainpipe attached to every fixture, keeps sewer gases and unpleasant odors from infiltrating your house. Working in tandem, these features allow your plumbing system to function appropriately and efficiently.

Your home plumbing fixtures

Plumbing fixtures in your home include tubs and showers, sinks, faucets, and toilets. While the pipes carry fresh water to fixtures, it is the drain pipes that lead the wastewater away from them.
Although each plumbing fixture may pose specific plumbing problems, there is one rule which applies to all of them: if any of the fixtures are affected by a leak or break, you should find the shutoff valve next to the fixture itself and turn it off. In order to avoid problems with your fixtures, speak to your professional Los Angeles plumber about regular maintenance of fixtures and of any other home appliances that require water supply.

Being LA locals, Los Angles Plumbers are thoroughly familiar with typical Los Angeles residential plumbing problems. There's little chance of your pipes freezing in the mild Los Angeles winters, for example. If you're moving across the country, however, winters are no longer a breeze. Our Garden State colleagues, Plumber New Jersey, will enable your home plumbing system to withstand even the coldest New Jersey winter.

We would be very happy to offer you our professional residential plumbing services. No plumbing challenge is too big, no plumbing challenge is too small, we can handle them all.

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