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How to Select a Water Filter

Through chemical or biological processes, home tap water filters remove contaminants, offensive odors and aftertastes from the residential water supply. There is no one size filter to suit all households as different products filter out different types of impurities. Water quality is your indication to what water filter will work best in your home. Local utility or health departments publish water quality reports with information on the contents of your water supply. Once you know what's in your water can you then select the best product for your filtration needs and budget range.
Carafe (pour-through)
Carafe devices are pitchers with pour through filter features. Carafe filter is inexpensive and user friendly, but with drawbacks that include a short lifespan and an inability to filter large quantities of water in any one time.
Easily screwed onto the faucet, faucet-mounted filters require minimal installation but limit water flow and cannot work on all faucet types.
Countertop products are types of activated charcoal water filters that are fed with large quantities of water and then screen out and trap many undesirable chemicals, particulates, and other impurities. Installation of countertop filters does not require plumbing modification, but devices may clutter countertops and cannot work with all faucet types.
Plumbed-in (under-sink)
Frequently fitted under sinks, plumbed in filters are installed into existing water pipes and filter large quantities of water. These devices can be plumbed into existing sink faucet or release drinkable water through separate taps. Installation of plumbed in filters requires plumbing modification, and the device itself can use up valuable cabinetry space.
Point of Entry (whole-house)
Installed in water mains, point of entry filters are more than tap water cleaners and filter water supply to entire households. Point of entry are types of charcoal water filters with a long lifespan – but while removing rust, sediment and chlorine from water, these products are unable to filter out other impurities.
Before selecting a home tap water filter and after verifying the components of your water supply - educate yourself on the different filtration abilities of different water filters. Select the product that best serves your filtration needs and can easily blend with your daily routine. Plumber Los Angeles

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