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How to Find Out if your Water Bill is Higher than it Should Be

Do you find yourself staring at your water bill in disbelief at the amount of water you have used this month? Plumber Los Angeles points to the fact that many customers don't really know about their monthly water usage until their high water bills arrive. Becoming water wise is a good way to reduce water bills and detect hidden leaks in your home.
To find out if your water bill is higher than it should be ask yourself the following questions:
-Have more people occupied your home this month?
-Have you refilled a swimming pool?
-Are your irrigation controllers and water softening systems working properly?
-Are you aware of any indoor or outdoor leaks?
If the answers to above questions are "no" - it's time to look for concealed water loss that might be inflating your water bill. The following leak detection tips will help you spot leaky sources in and around your home:
-Your water meter is a great tool to find out if you have a running toilet, dripping faucet or leaky pool that might be responsible for gallons of water loss.
-Listen for leaking faucets and toilets that refill themselves over once in a while. Toilets are silent leakers. Put an end to your suspicion with the food dye test. Place food dye drops in your tank. If colored water appears in your bowl after 15 minutes then your water is leaking.
-Check outdoor faucets, pipes, hoses and irrigation system for leaks.
-Look for hot spots and damp patches under your carpets. These are signs of slab leaks that form under concrete slab when underground water pipes burst open.
Knowing how to conserve water usage in your home may reduce your water bill considerably. Professional plumbersprovide the following water conserving tips:
1. Take more showers than baths. Make short shower and close water flow when soaping.
2. Turn off water flow when washing your teeth or soaping your hands.
3. Instead of washing dishes under running water – plug drain and fill sink with water to wash your dishes.
4. Run full loads of your dishwasher and washing machine.
5. Install low flow showerheads and faucet aerators.
6. If you are thinking of replacing your old water heater (over 7 years old) with a new unit – get tankless heaters that are both water and energy efficient.
7. Cover your swimming pool when not in use to slow down the evaporation process.

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