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How to Identify the Different Causes of Sewer Gas Odors in the Home

Many people encountered the odor of rotten eggs in their home. Sewer gas odors are a common plumbing problem and can be easily rectified with the right treatment. Plumber Los Angeles offers helpful advice on how to eliminate sewer gas odors in your home.
Water Seal Evaporation
Drain traps contain water seals that block sewer gases from permeating homes. Infrequently used drains have dry traps and no water seals to protect from the invasion of sewer gas odors into your home. Plumbers recommend flushing unused drains with a gallon of water to rectify their water seals.
Improper Venting
In some cases even a frequently used sink, shower or bathtub can pass sewer line odors to your home because of improper venting. Short, blocked or faulty vents will dry trap drains and thereby introduce offensive odors though the improperly vented plumbing fixture. Defective venting is usually indicated by a "gurgling" shower, bathtub or sink. When water passes down a drain and cannot draw air in after itself, the drain will draw in air through other plumbing traps which, as they normally contain water, will produce the gurgling sound. As air passes through, water is siphoned out and traps are left dry and permeable to sewer odors.
Making drains resistant to sewer gas odors is a question of proper plumbing awareness. Invite your local plumber to inspect working order of your drains for an odorless winter.

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