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How to Inspect the Plumbing of a Home before Buying It

Finding a home to buy is not an easy task, so when you do find your dream house and want to buy it – hold on! You don't want to shell out a lot of money for a home and then some more on faulty plumbing. Avail of Plumber Los Angeles tips on how to inspect the plumbing of a house before you buy it:
Find the location of the water meter, and check that the shutoff valve is in working order. If a well supplies water to the home, then meter should be located inside the property.
Inspect the size of the water pipes in and around the home. For sufficient water pressure when water lines are open there should be a three quarter of an inch to 1-inch pipe directly from the main water source. Indoor water pipes should be half inch in diameter.
Make sure external pipes are insulated against freezing weather to prevent frozen or burst pipe emergencies.
Check water heater for capacity, location and age - conventional tanked heaters have a seven year lifespan. Mineral deposits can build up in the tank and leave less room for hot water. You may want to ask for a new water heater should your examination reveal high levels of sediment buildup - tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than standard units, and have a longer lifespan.
Look for leaking faucets in the new home. Dripping faucets waste gallons of water – make it a point to ask the current homeowner to replace faulty taps.
Flush all toilets and make sure they empty and fill correctly.
A through plumbing inspection will expose faulty sources before you buy the home, and save you the hardship of spending thousands of dollars beyond the price of the property. If you are not confident to carry out the plumbing inspection yourself call LA plumbers to conduct the examination on your behalf.

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