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How to Diagnose Leaky Water Heaters

Leaky water heaters are no fun, especially in winter when hot water is in great demand. Should you encounter a puddle of water around your heater, don't despair it might be a case of harmless condensation that will quickly disappear as cold water in the tank heats up.
When condensation is ruled out, key parts of your water heater need to be examined for leaks. Usually plumbers carry out the necessary inspection, but it is always helpful to acquire basic knowledge on the various repairs available.
Avail of Plumbers Los Angeles guide on common leaky sources of your water heater:
Temperature Pressure Relief Valve (TPR)
A damaged TPR valve may be leaking out water. Another possibility is that excess pressure in the tank of your water heater is causing the TPR to discharge water for pressure reduction purposes.
Drain Valve
Located at the bottom of the water tank is the drain valve. To prevent sediment accumulation inside the tank, once a year the tank is flushed out of water using the drain valve. A dripping drain valve will cause water to pool around your heater. Tightening or replacing the drain valve will stop the leak
Your water heater is fed by several pipes that carry in cold water and carry out hot water. Loosely fitted pipes will leak out water at their joining points. When pipes are punctured water will also leak out – in such as case line replacement is a good solution.
Corrosion can settle inside the water tank and cause your heater to leak. If you tank id older than seven years it is best to replace the unit altogether. Consider energy efficient tankless water heaters instead of longer lifespans.

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