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How to Overcome a Gas Leak

We have all encountered the "rotten egg" odor of a gas leak in our LA home at one time or another. Natural gas is the most popular home fuel for heating and cooling systems. Because natural gas in its original form is colorless and odorless, gas companies add a harmless chemical that creates a distinctive odor, and enables people to detect the presence of gas with their sense of smell. Home gas detectors alert people with diminished sense of smell of gas leaks.
Gas can escape from a burst or damaged pipe in the gas run line or from a poorly installed gas appliance. When smelling gas take note of the following precautions:

    Evacuate your home

    Contact the gas company from a neighbor's house.

    As the slightest spark can set off an explosion – avoid making phone calls, turning on/off light switches, smoking a cigarette or lighting a candle.

    Re-enter your home only after the gas company has checked your gas line, shutoff valves and repaired the source of the gas leak.

You can minimize chances of gas leaks in your home by cleaning your gas appliances and having them regularly checked for safe working order. Keep flammable materials away from all gas appliances.
Outdoor gas leaks can be harder to detect by your sense of smell alone. The following signs indicate the presence of gas in your garden:
-Water or dirt blown in air
-Hissing sound
-Dead vegetation near gas pipes
-Surface bubbles in outside water sources like puddles and ponds
Should you suspect an outdoor or indoor gas leak, evacuate your home and call your gas company immediately. Your plumber in Los Angeles will be happy to solve any gas problem that you may encounter.

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