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How to Conserve Water in your Garden

Becoming a water efficient consumer will not only cut down your monthly water bills but will also conserve scarce water. Early leak detection and a little conservation awareness will help save water when attending your outdoors.
Follow Plumber Los Angeles to conserve water in your garden.
1. Use automatic sprinklers if possible. Water your lawn on cool days and not every other day but only when needed.
2. Plant water efficient plants that don't require frequent watering.
3. During hot weather grow tall grass to preserve moisture.
4. Use mulch around your plants to create a moist environment.
5. Check your irrigation system for leaks. Plumbers can help you detect a leak and repair the faulty source before serious damage occurs.
Swimming Pool
1. Slow down the evaporation process by covering your pool when not in use.
2. Prevent splashing and spilling by not overfilling your pool.
3. Regularly check your pool for signs of leaks. Early leak detection will help conserve about 1,000 gallons of water that will otherwise just leak out.
Car Wash
After rinsing your car – wash from a bucket of soapy water and rinse clean.
Clean your driveway with a broom instead of using the garden hose.
Saving water around your home is simple and effective both to your water bills and the environment.

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