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Garbage Disposal Maintenance

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas right around the corner – your garbage disposer is in hard use. Regular garbage disposal maintenance will keep your unit trouble free throughout Christmas and beyond.
Take extra care of your garbage disposer this holiday season with helpful tips by Plumber Los Angeles:
As a guiding rule – never put your hands in a plugged garbage disposal
1. Don't overload and grind. Overloading and then grinding puts extra stress on the motor and increases chances of garbage disposal failure. Feed your disposer small amounts at a time.
2. Don't run hot water when your garbage disposer is grinding food. Cold water will keep food more solid and therefore enable your disposal to grind more effectively.
3. Wait 15 seconds after your garbage disposal finished grinding before turning off cold water flow. Cold water washes small food particles down the drain.
4. Don't clog your disposal by trying to grind grease, egg shells, large bones, rice, pasta, potatoes and fibrous and stringy food waste. Coffee and tea bags contain acid that can damage the inside of your garbage disposer.
5. Grind small ice cubes to clean the grinding blades.
6. Grind orange or lemon peels to keep your kitchen fresh scented

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