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What are a Plumber's Duties and Responsibilities

In school we have been taught that the professional who repairs leaky taps and unclogs drains is a plumber and just as in any profession or occupation, there are duties and responsibilities a plumber would follow. Lets take a look at a plumber's job description:
A plumber's tasks would include repairing and maintaining the drainage pipes and also the pipes that supply clean water to the building. They would also check for leakages keeping in mind the needed regulations and equipment to be used. A plumber's duties would also be for water heaters and treatment of water plants which they would maintain for the buildings they have been tagged to. They need to have a report prepared and designed with a plan well laid out for the building in question when they finish studying the blue print.
Plumber LA experts use clamps and cement along with screws, welding instruments and solvents to do the job of pipe assembling services, since the pipes need to be assembled in different positions and angels according to the nature of the leak or issue.
Once we understand the plumber duties and responsibilities we now need to know what plumbers charge and their salaries at large. It now depends on the educational level and qualifications achieved along with their years of work experience and the company of repute they have been attached to. Sources say that plumber LA experts earn around $40000 on an annual basis.
If you are thinking of becoming a plumber in LA you now known what your role and responsibility is and how well respected and well paying the profession is.

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