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How to Repair a Burst Pipe

How to Repair a Burst Pipe
Flooded floors, ruined belongings and damaged foundation are all possible outcomes of broken water pipes. Burst pipes result from freezing lines that have not been properly insulated or not thawed on time. During harsh winters water will freeze in exposed lines. Taking more space than water – ice will split open pipes. Apart from increasing stress levels, leaky pipes waste gallons of water and thousands of dollars.
Although split pipes require professional repair, applying a temporary do it yourself fix will help you damage control the emergency until a plumber arrives to the rescue. The following steps will help you apply first aid repair to burst pipes.

Close main shutoff valve to stop water flow in damaged pipe.

Locate hole and place below a bucket to collect water leaking out.

Temporarily seal hole by inserting a pencil in and breaking off tip.

Dry wet pipe as much as possible and wrap hole with a layer of gapless tape.

Secure a piece of rubber on the gapless tape to apply pressure.

Wait for the plumber to repair broken pipe.
Plumber Los Angeles recommends walking around your property and insulating exposed water pipes before temperatures drop significantly. Proper insulation is your first line of defense against freezing pipes – reducing chances that your pipes will burst open this winter.

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